Our Most Important Objective: Developing Others

“We’re in the development business. Our goal is to develop people where we need them to be, which is, we hope, where they want to be” Somewhere between Tall Tim and Chef Scott Over time, people have heard me speak to or have read this quote and asked, “What does ‘somewhere between’ mean?”  It’s a … Continue reading Our Most Important Objective: Developing Others

On-Boarding: Creating a Sense of Place

With society barreling into the New Normal, there are “Norms” of human behavior that transcend change and continue to influence our approach to leading others. One example is a person’s desire to feel that they belong, a revered sense of place grounded in an authentic, emotional connection to a shared identity or purpose. Thus, a … Continue reading On-Boarding: Creating a Sense of Place

Feedback: Music to My Ears

While passion may fuel a desire for growth, feedback that is clear, concise, connected, and delivered with confidence, works to translate potential into performance. We drift back in time . . . I took another sip and watched the sun sink slowly behind Puerto Rico to the distant west. A cloudless sky embraced twilight, the … Continue reading Feedback: Music to My Ears

A Story To Share

There it was, staring back at us from a 3-ounce plastic cup. A master had woven a tapestry of flavor within layers of freshness, generating incredible depth of harmony among ingredients, both breathtaking and indulgent, a lasting impression of simple alchemy between nature’s bounty and artisan technique. Yep, good guacamole will do that to you. … Continue reading A Story To Share

Self-Confidence At The Wheel

We were driving into the rising moon. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Less than four years earlier, I had separated from active duty in the Coast Guard and convinced Anna that Tucson, Arizona would be a great place for our new beginning. We were married in June at a church in Atlanta, and … Continue reading Self-Confidence At The Wheel

An Ambassador of Authenticity

At this point, you may be curious:  Why ‘Tall’ Tim? We don’t have near enough space to share the entire, unabridged version of the Tall Tim Story today. I suppose it would be an appropriate time, though, to share a snippet from the story in support of our subject: Personal Branding. I was the Human … Continue reading An Ambassador of Authenticity