Casting Tradition To The Wind

Honestly, I don’t recall consciously channeling Mary Poppins as we made our way onto the shimmering white sands. But when that kite took flight on a brilliant New Year’s morning, with our hopes and dreams for the coming year scribed on its tail, I freely admit my inner child took over. Belting out the chorus … Continue reading Casting Tradition To The Wind

Remembering What Matters Most

It was far from my finest moment. Rather, my behavior from that Sunday in question better resembled the coyote falling into a never-ending chasm, ultimately crashing next to a hastily constructed and freshly painted wooden sign that read “Welcome to Rock Bottom.” While memories from that singular moment continue to define a since unparalleled level … Continue reading Remembering What Matters Most

Can I Ask Your Opinion?

I was in a retail environment when I heard the softly spoken, yet magical words: Can I ask your opinion? Oh, sweet nirvana . . . a slice of ruminative heaven captured within a grammatically challenged five-worded query, posed to someone whose inventory of opinions could populate the same spreadsheet used to calculate a rocket’s … Continue reading Can I Ask Your Opinion?

“Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

My first footprints were still fresh on the earth when Marvin Gaye released his transformative musical opus, “What’s Going On?” A concept album filled with haunting, laid-back rhythms and an incredible depth of soul, the masterful collection of songs painted a bleak picture of society at the time, challenging mainstream music to witness “what is” … Continue reading “Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

What Are You Thinking?

Bill Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman of Marriott International, has long established that, in his opinion, the four most important words a leader can utter are: What do you think? Like a brush stroke from one of history’s masters, his statement adds incredible depth and perspective to the importance of including the thoughts and opinions of … Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

A Chance For A New ’22

“What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?” It’s a popular topic among speakers and writers, waxing on about wisdom they would pass along to a less experienced version of themselves, somehow hoping to maximize the value of lessons learned or capitalize on missed opportunities over time. Forget that. Given the chance to visit with … Continue reading A Chance For A New ’22

Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You

Picture yourself as a parent dropping off your toddler at school for the first time . . . You stand there, fighting back tears as you watch your bundle of joy disappear through the door. You feel powerless, wondering if the incredible bond you had shared would survive your little one’s first taste of independence. … Continue reading Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You

Rediscovering Merriment On Montrose

There are some things that you cannot hope to duplicate. Being in love for the first time hovers near the top of the list. Same for leaving home . . . realizing that each step takes you further from the innocence of your past, and deeper into the complexity of your future. That second thing … Continue reading Rediscovering Merriment On Montrose

The Most Significant Symbol Of The Season

Her name was Carol, as in Christmas. A wonderfully energetic and slightly bohemian spirit, my most cherished memories of Mom involve her leading a group of energetic children along the streets of tiny Naco, Arizona, singing Christmas carols by candlelight, huddled together to fend off the chill from another cold winter’s night. Those memories remind … Continue reading The Most Significant Symbol Of The Season

Maintaining Your Identity Tops Leader’s To-Do List

The sign read “Parking Reserved for Commanding Officers Only.” So, we parked our truck there. I could sense hesitancy among the crew that had accompanied me to the Naval Base that morning. We were all fully aware of the sentiment expressed within the designation of reserved parking. Carlos was the first to verbalize a collective … Continue reading Maintaining Your Identity Tops Leader’s To-Do List