Live Your Craft: A Graceful Revival

I love watching Chopped. Not that I take some sort of macabre delight in watching chefs stressed to the point of breathlessness, panicked and desperate in their attempt to incorporate both orange gelatin cups and matzo crackers into an appetizer worthy of surviving the “Chopping Block”. No, the appeal of the James Beard Award winning … Continue reading Live Your Craft: A Graceful Revival

Interview Step #1: Bake Your Cake

Preparing for an interview is a lot like baking a cake. Think about it. You gather your ingredients, follow a sure-fire, can’t miss recipe you discovered on-line, mix everything together, throw it in the oven, close your eyes and hope for the best. And if you’re like a vast majority of the general public, the … Continue reading Interview Step #1: Bake Your Cake