Rediscovering Merriment On Montrose

There are some things that you cannot hope to duplicate. Being in love for the first time hovers near the top of the list. Same for leaving home . . . realizing that each step takes you further from the innocence of your past, and deeper into the complexity of your future. That second thing … Continue reading Rediscovering Merriment On Montrose

Three Questions That Empower Equity and Inclusion

Every advancement since the dawn of time is the result of someone questioning the present state of a process or occurrence. Take the wheel for example: “Why did it take you so long to get here?” “Well, I only have two feet . . .” That was the advent of Qualitative Analysis, the desire to … Continue reading Three Questions That Empower Equity and Inclusion

The Undeniable Power Of Community

Small town is in my blood. At least that’s what I carry forward from having grown up in Bisbee, a hidden gem of a city with a population of 4,923 living souls tucked away in the southeastern corner of Arizona. While ambition has fueled a personal odyssey in search of knowledge and awareness, it is … Continue reading The Undeniable Power Of Community