Surviving Shattered Expectations

It had been such a pleasant interaction up to that point. A subtle nod from the Front Desk agent indicated she was ready to receive the next guest, whom I escorted to within arm’s reach of the desk and wished a memorable stay. When the agent retreated to the back office and returned carrying a … Continue reading Surviving Shattered Expectations

“You Can’t Handle the Moment of Truth” (aka Do You Work Here?)

Forgive my rather obvious play on words. Blame it on a moment of introspection. Being the son of a career Marine, I spent my formative years in the company of my Dad’s peers, some of whom bore an outward resemblance to Jack Nicholson's character from the film "A Few Good Men". Most of the group … Continue reading “You Can’t Handle the Moment of Truth” (aka Do You Work Here?)

Service Secret #11: Viva la Vital Behaviors

“Tall Tim, my team has no energy, no life." "No one’s smiling. There’s no sense of urgency. I mean, people who were willing to do something extra now just stay in their circle. Even worse, our Customer Scores are way down. What happened? " "We need a Team Building activity or some sort of Bootcamp. … Continue reading Service Secret #11: Viva la Vital Behaviors

Service Secret #6: Nothin’ But A House Party

Have you ever hosted a party in your home? Or are you one of the millions that would rather not risk the indelible damage to your self-esteem, living in constant fear of ego shattering rejection, the words “and nobody came” echoing through your subconscious for all eternity? If you count yourself part of the second … Continue reading Service Secret #6: Nothin’ But A House Party

Keep Your Sanity. Embrace Change.

Keep Your Sanity. Embrace Change. While that may sound like a bumper sticker or marketing campaign, it is in reality a mantra I have repeated to myself over, and over, and over again . . . throughout my experience as a leader, and life in general. Those familiar with the Tall Tim Story can appreciate … Continue reading Keep Your Sanity. Embrace Change.

Tell Me, What Were You Expecting?

I fully embrace a Next Generation mentality. Rapid changes in technology have created incredible new ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate not just locally, but globally … and beyond. Change, though, has come with a heavy price. The success of music streaming apps and other digital media options has rendered one of my favorite Development … Continue reading Tell Me, What Were You Expecting?

Learning To Crash Part Of Learning To Fly

You are going to panic. There is no escaping the physiology of the moment . . . You will shrink immediately from wide angle to tunnel vision, your heart will begin to pound, your pulse will quicken. You’ll begin to perspire, though just a moment prior you commented on how comfortable you felt. Your brain, … Continue reading Learning To Crash Part Of Learning To Fly

Second Nature Mentality

Imagine the lifestyle of history’s Great Philosophers . . . Spending the day on the mountain top with a group of your peers . . . breathing in the fresh air, dressed in super comfortable clothing . . . sharing wisdom and insight related to aspects of human behavior and society. Oh, what life would … Continue reading Second Nature Mentality