Remembering What Matters Most

It was far from my finest moment. Rather, my behavior from that Sunday in question better resembled the coyote falling into a never-ending chasm, ultimately crashing next to a hastily constructed and freshly painted wooden sign that read “Welcome to Rock Bottom.” While memories from that singular moment continue to define a since unparalleled level … Continue reading Remembering What Matters Most

Three Questions That Empower Equity and Inclusion

Every advancement since the dawn of time is the result of someone questioning the present state of a process or occurrence. Take the wheel for example: “Why did it take you so long to get here?” “Well, I only have two feet . . .” That was the advent of Qualitative Analysis, the desire to … Continue reading Three Questions That Empower Equity and Inclusion

Achieving Excellence Through Culture

The tension was almost palpable. My transition into the role of Human Resources Manager featured a learning curve that made Kilimanjaro look like the Bunny Slope at a local ski resort. That morning, I sat before my team, rowing against a tide of complacency and routine. They sat there, arms and legs crossed in an … Continue reading Achieving Excellence Through Culture

Service Secret #7: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Else

Five O’clock PM. The mystical sixth hour within the Post Meridian time convention, the coveted end of the workday, when sanity hinges on the prospect of something tall and strong, proper judgement giving way to subliminal ponderings such as “What would Jimmy Buffett do?” Many an urban legend has been forged through this premature abandonment … Continue reading Service Secret #7: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Else