Four Keys To Preserving Hope

My fondest memories of professional kitchens, both as a restaurant owner and Pastry Chef, were the times spent in them while they were closed. I loved walking into a kitchen at rest, humbled by remnants of a passionate lucidity, whispered expectations and desires illuminated by the warm, flickering glow of pilot lights on the stove. … Continue reading Four Keys To Preserving Hope

4 Lessons In Change From Aprils Past

“Swéete April Showers, Doo spring Maie flowers” This instructional prose, captured within poet Thomas Tusser’s Five Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, has seen its share of changes over time. More commonly known in the limerick form ‘April showers bring May flowers’, the sentiment offered 16th century farmers practical insight into the natural benefit of change: … Continue reading 4 Lessons In Change From Aprils Past

Service Secret #11: Viva la Vital Behaviors

“Tall Tim, my team has no energy, no life." "No one’s smiling. There’s no sense of urgency. I mean, people who were willing to do something extra now just stay in their circle. Even worse, our Customer Scores are way down. What happened? " "We need a Team Building activity or some sort of Bootcamp. … Continue reading Service Secret #11: Viva la Vital Behaviors