Develop Them, And They Will Stay (Or Go)

Develop your talent, and there is every reason to believe they will stay with you forever . . . or they may go. Considered by some a major crossroad we face as leaders, deciding whether to risk losing valuable talent through personal growth and development really isn’t a crossroads at all. It’s simply what we … Continue reading Develop Them, And They Will Stay (Or Go)

3 Reasons To Consider A Cultural Wellness Check

His tone reflected the atmosphere inside the conference room: hesitancy, laced with overtones of indifference, with just a touch of sarcasm. “So, you’re saying there’s something wrong with our culture?” Anticipating the sentiment and choosing to stay hard-core positive, I responded quite respectfully, “You have one of the strongest cultures I’ve ever seen.” “All of … Continue reading 3 Reasons To Consider A Cultural Wellness Check

Remembering What Matters Most

It was far from my finest moment. Rather, my behavior from that Sunday in question better resembled the coyote falling into a never-ending chasm, ultimately crashing next to a hastily constructed and freshly painted wooden sign that read “Welcome to Rock Bottom.” While memories from that singular moment continue to define a since unparalleled level … Continue reading Remembering What Matters Most

Maintaining Your Identity Tops Leader’s To-Do List

The sign read “Parking Reserved for Commanding Officers Only.” So, we parked our truck there. I could sense hesitancy among the crew that had accompanied me to the Naval Base that morning. We were all fully aware of the sentiment expressed within the designation of reserved parking. Carlos was the first to verbalize a collective … Continue reading Maintaining Your Identity Tops Leader’s To-Do List

Achieving Excellence Through Culture

The tension was almost palpable. My transition into the role of Human Resources Manager featured a learning curve that made Kilimanjaro look like the Bunny Slope at a local ski resort. That morning, I sat before my team, rowing against a tide of complacency and routine. They sat there, arms and legs crossed in an … Continue reading Achieving Excellence Through Culture

Everything You Need, You Are Today

It’s amazing how much time we spend on the outside looking in. What if we flipped the lens? Think about it . . . even the most well-intentioned personal development efforts measure where you’ll be against where you’ve been, aligning strategic actions to promote smooth and uninterrupted progress along a predetermined path. External controls internal, … Continue reading Everything You Need, You Are Today

Service Secret #9: Nobody Told You? (There’d Be Days Like These)

I’m here to tell you, there’s gonna be days like these . . . strange days indeed . . . most peculiar. As a leader, human resource professional, and Director of Learning & Development, I cannot begin to recount the number of times I have heard the phrase, “Nobody told me?!” It’s either accompanied by … Continue reading Service Secret #9: Nobody Told You? (There’d Be Days Like These)

Four Keys To Preserving Hope

My fondest memories of professional kitchens, both as a restaurant owner and Pastry Chef, were the times spent in them while they were closed. I loved walking into a kitchen at rest, humbled by remnants of a passionate lucidity, whispered expectations and desires illuminated by the warm, flickering glow of pilot lights on the stove. … Continue reading Four Keys To Preserving Hope

Gratitude Separates Good Leaders From Great

Let the record show that we have cheered for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a professional American football team, since our arrival in Florida more than two decades ago. So, to say I was as shocked and amazed as anyone when the team signed superstar Quarterback Tom Brady last year would be an understatement of epic … Continue reading Gratitude Separates Good Leaders From Great

Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence

Occasionally, a product or service comes along that creates a magical new space, revolutionizing a market or industry and leaving a permanent thumbprint on the world. Like urban sprawl, it doesn’t take long for others to identify a new opportunity, shifting pursuit of their dreams to this developing landscape, pinning hopes on the promise of … Continue reading Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence