Service Secret #7: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Else

Five O’clock PM. The mystical sixth hour within the Post Meridian time convention, the coveted end of the workday, when sanity hinges on the prospect of something tall and strong, proper judgement giving way to subliminal ponderings such as “What would Jimmy Buffett do?” Many an urban legend has been forged through this premature abandonment … Continue reading Service Secret #7: It’s Five O’clock Somewhere Else


“Hold your breath, Make a wish, Count to three” . . . And upon whispering those immortal words, Willy Wonka invited his guests to explore a world of pure imagination. We’ll borrow upon Mr. Wonka’s sentiment as we usher out an indelible year, and welcome in a new era, one in which imagination is the … Continue reading JUST KEEP THINKING