4 Lessons In Change From Aprils Past

“Swéete April Showers, Doo spring Maie flowers” This instructional prose, captured within poet Thomas Tusser’s Five Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, has seen its share of changes over time. More commonly known in the limerick form ‘April showers bring May flowers’, the sentiment offered 16th century farmers practical insight into the natural benefit of change: … Continue reading 4 Lessons In Change From Aprils Past


“Hold your breath, Make a wish, Count to three” . . . And upon whispering those immortal words, Willy Wonka invited his guests to explore a world of pure imagination. We’ll borrow upon Mr. Wonka’s sentiment as we usher out an indelible year, and welcome in a new era, one in which imagination is the … Continue reading JUST KEEP THINKING

Feeling Inspired Key To Inspiring Others

Day has become night, Night has become day . . . which becomes night again, then night, or is it day, then . . . its all a blur. This is the reality when both of your sons, one a Graduate Student in Architecture, the other a talented Musician who writes and performs his own … Continue reading Feeling Inspired Key To Inspiring Others