What Are You Thinking?

Bill Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman of Marriott International, has long established that, in his opinion, the four most important words a leader can utter are: What do you think? Like a brush stroke from one of history’s masters, his statement adds incredible depth and perspective to the importance of including the thoughts and opinions of … Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

4 Ways Feedback Transforms Passion Into Performance

I have long approached leadership as an art form, a process of expression in which we allow something incredibly genuine to emerge from within, a truly intimate perspective shared with those looking to us for guidance. While people remain the passion behind the purpose, feedback transforms their potential into performance. Still, leaders can struggle with … Continue reading 4 Ways Feedback Transforms Passion Into Performance


“Hold your breath, Make a wish, Count to three” . . . And upon whispering those immortal words, Willy Wonka invited his guests to explore a world of pure imagination. We’ll borrow upon Mr. Wonka’s sentiment as we usher out an indelible year, and welcome in a new era, one in which imagination is the … Continue reading JUST KEEP THINKING