“Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

My first footprints were still fresh on the earth when Marvin Gaye released his transformative musical opus, “What’s Going On?” A concept album filled with haunting, laid-back rhythms and an incredible depth of soul, the masterful collection of songs painted a bleak picture of society at the time, challenging mainstream music to witness “what is” … Continue reading “Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

How Exposure To Change Fuels Discovery Of Your True Purpose

October marks the traditional beginning of Harvest, a period of reaping in spiritual joy and happiness what had been sowed, tended, and nurtured over time. Harvest also highlights the importance of remaining in the moment and embracing change with gratitude: Planning for next year’s crop depends on the outcome of this year’s harvest. Every element … Continue reading How Exposure To Change Fuels Discovery Of Your True Purpose

Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence

Occasionally, a product or service comes along that creates a magical new space, revolutionizing a market or industry and leaving a permanent thumbprint on the world. Like urban sprawl, it doesn’t take long for others to identify a new opportunity, shifting pursuit of their dreams to this developing landscape, pinning hopes on the promise of … Continue reading Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence

A Relevant Question: What’s In It For Me?

Mere utterance of the following five words, whether whispered or shouted, can force even the most compassionate person into a state of wonder and confusion: What's in it for me? How someone could be so self-centered as to imagine the world actually revolves around them? Amazing.   Viewed from a simplified perspective, we recognize the … Continue reading A Relevant Question: What’s In It For Me?