A Chance For A New ’22

“What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?” It’s a popular topic among speakers and writers, waxing on about wisdom they would pass along to a less experienced version of themselves, somehow hoping to maximize the value of lessons learned or capitalize on missed opportunities over time. Forget that. Given the chance to visit with … Continue reading A Chance For A New ’22

3 Steps To Simplify Your Personal Growth And Development

Remember back when you were a child . . .                                    You would spend all day playing, doing things that you loved to do. Imagination took you to places your dreams said you should go.               Creativity was limitless, as you saw yourself being who you wanted to be, not what someone told you to become. You … Continue reading 3 Steps To Simplify Your Personal Growth And Development

Interview Step #1: Bake Your Cake

Preparing for an interview is a lot like baking a cake. Think about it. You gather your ingredients, follow a sure-fire, can’t miss recipe you discovered on-line, mix everything together, throw it in the oven, close your eyes and hope for the best. And if you’re like a vast majority of the general public, the … Continue reading Interview Step #1: Bake Your Cake