“Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

My first footprints were still fresh on the earth when Marvin Gaye released his transformative musical opus, “What’s Going On?” A concept album filled with haunting, laid-back rhythms and an incredible depth of soul, the masterful collection of songs painted a bleak picture of society at the time, challenging mainstream music to witness “what is” … Continue reading “Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

What Are You Thinking?

Bill Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman of Marriott International, has long established that, in his opinion, the four most important words a leader can utter are: What do you think? Like a brush stroke from one of history’s masters, his statement adds incredible depth and perspective to the importance of including the thoughts and opinions of … Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You

Picture yourself as a parent dropping off your toddler at school for the first time . . . You stand there, fighting back tears as you watch your bundle of joy disappear through the door. You feel powerless, wondering if the incredible bond you had shared would survive your little one’s first taste of independence. … Continue reading Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You

The Undeniable Power Of Community

Small town is in my blood. At least that’s what I carry forward from having grown up in Bisbee, a hidden gem of a city with a population of 4,923 living souls tucked away in the southeastern corner of Arizona. While ambition has fueled a personal odyssey in search of knowledge and awareness, it is … Continue reading The Undeniable Power Of Community

Achieving Excellence Through Culture

The tension was almost palpable. My transition into the role of Human Resources Manager featured a learning curve that made Kilimanjaro look like the Bunny Slope at a local ski resort. That morning, I sat before my team, rowing against a tide of complacency and routine. They sat there, arms and legs crossed in an … Continue reading Achieving Excellence Through Culture

Gratitude Separates Good Leaders From Great

Let the record show that we have cheered for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a professional American football team, since our arrival in Florida more than two decades ago. So, to say I was as shocked and amazed as anyone when the team signed superstar Quarterback Tom Brady last year would be an understatement of epic … Continue reading Gratitude Separates Good Leaders From Great

Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence

Occasionally, a product or service comes along that creates a magical new space, revolutionizing a market or industry and leaving a permanent thumbprint on the world. Like urban sprawl, it doesn’t take long for others to identify a new opportunity, shifting pursuit of their dreams to this developing landscape, pinning hopes on the promise of … Continue reading Cultural Competence Breeds Brand Confidence

Why Every Leader Should Begin With “At Your Service”

Google “leadership” and you’ll be welcomed to peruse 2.9 trillion results. Narrow your search to “leadership styles” and you’ll find everything from autocratic to servant, breakthrough to resilient, affiliative to transactional, and plenty of others in between. There’s a lot of information to choose from. Many styles feature an accompanying model, such as a pyramid, … Continue reading Why Every Leader Should Begin With “At Your Service”

Three Words Considered Toxic To Your Service Recovery Model

Coulda, woulda, and shoulda. Three words formed from the informal shortening of could have, would have, and should have, that dismiss the regret or worry about a previous experience. Appropriate since using them during service recovery will likely mean your customer is history. Less grammar lesson and more transformative mindset, the presence of these modal … Continue reading Three Words Considered Toxic To Your Service Recovery Model

How To Safely Navigate A Critical Conversation

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. Faced with having a conversation you’d rather not have; you’ll hear the clock ticking in the background and recognize the urgency of the moment. Still, a part of you wishes it would all just go away, that if a pair of red shoes worked for Dorothy, they might … Continue reading How To Safely Navigate A Critical Conversation