Surviving Shattered Expectations

It had been such a pleasant interaction up to that point. A subtle nod from the Front Desk agent indicated she was ready to receive the next guest, whom I escorted to within arm’s reach of the desk and wished a memorable stay. When the agent retreated to the back office and returned carrying a … Continue reading Surviving Shattered Expectations

Measuring Growth One Breath At A Time

Her behavior was classic, but not in the good way you’d associate with rock music, the flavor of Coke, or automobiles built before most of us were walking the planet. This was classic in the sense of a downward spiral; an all too familiar pattern of being caught between learning what you’re supposed to do … Continue reading Measuring Growth One Breath At A Time

An Intentional Act Of Kindness

Just when you thought it was safe to give up on humanity. There’s no mistaking the amount of negativity present in society today. People scratching and clawing for relevance and control, consumed with promoting their version of right or wrong on a global stage in front of a bewildered audience. The shadow cast is both … Continue reading An Intentional Act Of Kindness

3 Reasons To Consider A Cultural Wellness Check

His tone reflected the atmosphere inside the conference room: hesitancy, laced with overtones of indifference, with just a touch of sarcasm. “So, you’re saying there’s something wrong with our culture?” Anticipating the sentiment and choosing to stay hard-core positive, I responded quite respectfully, “You have one of the strongest cultures I’ve ever seen.” “All of … Continue reading 3 Reasons To Consider A Cultural Wellness Check

First Rule Of Surviving Change: Stay In The Moment

I knew this Monday would be like no other. After weeks of anticipation, I would be face-to-face with my chosen destiny. “Just be calm, take a deep breath,” I kept repeating to myself, “and remember to stay in the moment.” Sound advice I had grown comfortable giving to others on the cusp of great personal … Continue reading First Rule Of Surviving Change: Stay In The Moment

Remembering What Matters Most

It was far from my finest moment. Rather, my behavior from that Sunday in question better resembled the coyote falling into a never-ending chasm, ultimately crashing next to a hastily constructed and freshly painted wooden sign that read “Welcome to Rock Bottom.” While memories from that singular moment continue to define a since unparalleled level … Continue reading Remembering What Matters Most

Can I Ask Your Opinion?

I was in a retail environment when I heard the softly spoken, yet magical words: Can I ask your opinion? Oh, sweet nirvana . . . a slice of ruminative heaven captured within a grammatically challenged five-worded query, posed to someone whose inventory of opinions could populate the same spreadsheet used to calculate a rocket’s … Continue reading Can I Ask Your Opinion?

“Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

My first footprints were still fresh on the earth when Marvin Gaye released his transformative musical opus, “What’s Going On?” A concept album filled with haunting, laid-back rhythms and an incredible depth of soul, the masterful collection of songs painted a bleak picture of society at the time, challenging mainstream music to witness “what is” … Continue reading “Only Love Can Conquer Hate”

What Are You Thinking?

Bill Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman of Marriott International, has long established that, in his opinion, the four most important words a leader can utter are: What do you think? Like a brush stroke from one of history’s masters, his statement adds incredible depth and perspective to the importance of including the thoughts and opinions of … Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You

Picture yourself as a parent dropping off your toddler at school for the first time . . . You stand there, fighting back tears as you watch your bundle of joy disappear through the door. You feel powerless, wondering if the incredible bond you had shared would survive your little one’s first taste of independence. … Continue reading Change Doesn’t Wait For Tomorrow – Neither Should You